Clive Owen As Bond, Jame Bond?

on Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rumors have been widely circulating, suggesting that "BOND 23" could be Daniel Craig's last James Bond film, even though the star, after "Quantum Of Solace" announced that he'd signed onto a "BOND 24" and a "BOND 25". I guess when MGM went bankrupt, they had to start all over again with the contract, so Craig may loose out in the "24 & 25" contract. That sucks!
So the rumors are that Clive Owen is supposedly next in line for the role of James Bond, even though he's 47 this year and filming wouldn't really happen till about 2012/13, so he would be about 48/49 years old. Pierce Brossnan quit in 2004 because he was 51. I bet MGM made him quit. Bastards!
Clive Owen was in the running for Bond, before Craig got it. It was between Owen and Craig.
I really hope this rumor is false. I like Clive Owen and I think he would make a great James Bond, but it's too late now. If he was cast as James Bond six years ago, when Craig got cast, then I'd be fine.
If Owen took the job, he'd be signed on for a "three-picture contract", which would make him well into his 50's, when completion. Too old. Craig is only 42. Keep Craig on!