Disney Prep For A "Pirates Of The Caribbean 5"

on Friday, January 14, 2011

Eventhough a few months back, Disney announced that they plan to begin a brand-new trilogy with the fourth film, no one knew if they were serious or not. Now it seems that they are serious, eventhough the fourth film hasn't even been released yet.
They have already greenlighted a fifth film and hired Terry Rossio to pen the script. Johnny Depp has announced that he's "game" for returning to the role of Captain Jack Sparrow for a fifth time. He also mentioned that if he had a choice, he'd do "Pirates Of The Caribbean 6,7,8,9 and 10". The action never stops! Kinda like what Robert Downey Jr said about the "Iron Man" franchise.......he would do "Iron Man 15" if it was his descission to make it. NICE!
If a fifth "Pirates Of The Caribbean" happens, then fans know that a sixth film is deffo, as it was rumored that Disney are secretly trying to film "Pirates 5&6" back-2-back next year, the same with what they did with "Pirates 2&3".