Disney Preps Up For "TRON 3"

on Thursday, January 13, 2011

It looks like Disney have just realised that "Tron" could be one hell of a money making franchise. I haven't saw the second film, but I have heard from some people that it's both good and bad. It got mixed reviews, but made mega bucks in the box office worldwide. No wonder Disney are thinking this.
Cindy Morgan spoked to interviewers about why her character wasn't in the second film, but she is in a few scripts for the third film. She said that there deffo are about 5/6 scripts circling around the Disney studios. She said that in one of the scripts that's she seen, has her character (Laura) married to Bruce Boxleitner's character (Alan).
She mentioned that Cillan Murphy has signed onto the third film and that Jeff Bridges wasn't. She also mentioned that one script includes Olivia Wilde's character returning. There was no mention of Garrett Hedlund returning as Sam Flynn. Maybe the sequel wants to take a new start with Murphy and Wilde's characters, but stick to the original idea, with Boxleitner and Morgan's characters returning.
She told interviewers that she wasn't in the second film because it was "Flynn's Story" and that her character, if the script is the one that Disney choose to go with, will have here story in the third film, along with Boxleitner's character, but in more depth.