The Film Sequels That'll Be Confirmed This Year!

on Saturday, January 1, 2011

Below is a list of sequels that hopefully will get the all clear this year. Because, none of these sequels that have been announced in the last few months have deffo been greenlighted by any studio, but here's hoping they all do this year.
1. Ghostbusters III (Dan Akroyd says things, but is anything actually moving forward for REAL)
2. Die Hard 5 aka Die Hard: 24/7 (rumored title and Bruce Willis has said that he wants two more films and a script is been written as we speak, but no studio have greenlighted a thing yet)
3. Iron Man III (no director now, but does have a release date, but it still hasn't been confirmed what's happening with it yet)
4. Indiana Jones 5 (Ford, Spielberg and Lucas are all wanting it to happen. Spielberg and Lucas have a plot idea, but no studio have confirmed anything yet with it)
5. HALLOWEEN 3D (Basically fuck knows whats happening with this film. There's a director, Dimensions want it, but they kinda haven't fully greenlighted it yet as well)