HAPPY NEW YEAR! Best & Worst Of 2010

on Saturday, January 1, 2011

Now I haven't seen all the films in 2010. There are some greats that I haven't seen yet like, "Inception", "Paranormal Activity 2", "Jackass 3D", "Alice In Wonderland", "Tron Legacy", "Shrek 4", "Twilight 3", "Potter 7: Part 1", "The Social Network", "Wall Street 2", "Machete", "Resident Evil: Afterlife" and "Scott Pilgrim".
Basically I've rounded up the ones that I've seen and here are the best and worse. First we'll have the best:
13. The Crazies
12. Hot Tub Time Machine
11. Death At A Funeral
10. The Wolfman 
9. SAW 3D
8. A Nightmare On Elm Street
7. The Expendables
6. Piranha 3D
5. Little Fockers
4.The A-Team
3. Kick-Ass
2. Toy Story 3
1. Iron Man II
And now time for, well not worst, just the ones that I really didn't enjoy as much:
5. Clash Of The Titans 3D
4. Lost Boys: The Thirst
3. Survival Of The Dead
2. Skyline
1. Predators