Hellboy Wants A Third Film!

on Thursday, January 6, 2011

While promoting his new film, "Conan The Barbarian", Ron Pearlman announced that he thinks that a "Hellboy III" is "worth doing". AWESOME! 
This is what he said in the inteview, "I hope there’s a third Hellboy [film], simply because he always thought of it as a trilogy. And when he set up that [Liz Sherman, Hellboy’s love interest] is pregnant with twins at the end of "Hellboy 2," he kind of sketched out what the third Hellboy movie would look like. It’s so theatrical. It’s so epic. It’s so dark. And also, we have to find out about the Hellboy destiny. It’s written in stone that he’s going to destroy mankind. That’s what he’s been brought to Earth to do. So the whole dialogue between nurture and nature gets to live itself out in the third Hellboy movie. But if there’s no third one, then the audience doesn’t get to see any of that. It’s worth doing." 
So is a "Hellboy III" gonna happen at all. The original rumor was that the film was set for a possible Summer 2012/2013 release date. At least "Hellboy III" would be the end of the trilogy, that's all we need, just to see the end!