UK Airings For TV Shows This Year!

on Sunday, January 30, 2011

(February 2011)
1. Boardwalk Empire: Series 1 (February 1st at 9pm on Sky Atlantic).
2. Blue Bloods: Series 1 (February 1st at 10pm on Sky Atlantic).
3. Hawaii Five-0 (2010 Reboot): Series 1 (February 6th at 9pm on Sky1) Begins with double bill. 
4. Two And A Half Men: Series 8 (February 7th at 7pm on Comedy Central).
5. Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena (Febeuary 7th at 10pm on Sky1).
(March 2011)
1. V: Series 2 (Sometime in March or could possibly be April on SyFy).
(April 2011)
1. Doctor Who: Series 6-Part 1 (Near the end of April on BBC 1). 
(July 2011)
1. Torchwood: Series 4 (July 1st on BBC 1).
(Later This Year)
1. The Walking Dead: Series 2 (FXUK, round about October time).
2. Southland: Series 3 (More4, but don't know when it'll be on though).
3. Dexter: Series 5 (FXUK, but don't know when it'll be on though).