What The Fuck Happened?

on Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What the fuck has just happened there? "Doctor Who" left the National British Tv Awards 2011 with fuck all awards. Fucking "Waterloo Road" walked away with the "Best Drama". Why now when a new Doctor has started, do they come in the awards. That's unfair.
David Jason went away with "Best Dramatic Performance" for "A Touch Of Frost", so Matt Smith never even got that. Now it doesn't mean that Smith is shit. Here's hoping this is not what the BBC are thinking. Okay, Eccelston and Tennant walked away with that award, but c'mon. Last year was the last ever "A Touch Of Frost", so of course Jason is gonna get it, as it was super emotional. Smith is still AWESOME though! Here's just hoping that he walks away with it next year.