Which "X-Men" Film Will Singer Do Next? The Choice Is His!

on Friday, January 21, 2011

"X-Men" director, Bryan Singer has a very BIG desission to make over the following months. That BIG desission is, which "X-Men" film do I direct next? He has a choice of three. He could go back and finally direct the long-awaited "X-Men 4" that has been discussed by himself and producer Shuler Donner. But It would be hard to get the cast back together, as Hugh Jackman's now got his own "Wolverine" spin-off fanchise.
He could, then again, start fresh with "New Mutants", which has also been discussed by himself and Donner. Supposedly "Avatar" star, Stephen Lang has or is in talks with Fox to play Cable, who is lead of the "New Mutants" team. He is described as the new bad-ass of the franchise, after Wolverine, if Jackman doesn't return.
Donner had announced that both "New Mutants" and a potential "X-Men 4" are both in the works. Singers just got to pick from one of them. But Singer has also been given the choice to jump on the "Deadpool" band-wagon, sorry project, and direct that and step away from the original and potentially future "X-Men" franchise and make a spin-off, which would be "Deadpool" and his sequels.