Mandy Lane To Play Red Sonja?

on Thursday, February 10, 2011

"All The Boys Love Mandy Lane" sexpot, Amber Heard has been in talks to take over the role of Red Sonja from Rose McGowan, who was meant to play the role in Rodriguez's reboot. Rodriguez has stepped away from the project. The upcoming reboot has now been passed onto fellow director, Simon West.
Producer, Avi Lerner, who is producing the reboot and the 2011 "Conan" reboot said that Heard is his favourite for the role. He also announced that "Conan" will also get a sequel, "Conan 2", which will also be directed by "Conan" director, Marcus Nipel with Jason Momoa returning to the role. 

"Red Sonja" will be filmed inbetween "Conan" and "Conan 2".