"No Ordinary Family" Is Amazing!

on Thursday, February 3, 2011

Everyone who loves superheroes has to watch this show, because it's amazing and you'll love it. It's kinda like the live-action verison of Disney/Pixar's, "The Incredibles", although there are also some similarities to the "Fantastic Four".
They get their powers from a plane crash, when they go on a family holiday. Michael Chiklis's character, Jim, who's the dad, is kinda like his character (Ben Grimm aka The Thing) from the "Fantastic Four" films. The mum, Stephanie, played by Julie "Dexter" Benz, is kinda like the female Flash. She can run a mile in 16 seconds. The daughter, Daphne, played by Kay Panabaker, can read minds and finally the son, James, played by Jimmy Bennett, is smart as hell.
I really don't wanna give it away, just incase you wanna begin in watching it. It's on the fifth episode on TV, but you can watch it online. The show is on Watch on Tuesday's around 8pm. ENJOY!