Spidey Becomes The New Member Of The New "Fantastic Four"

on Thursday, February 10, 2011

Last month saw the tragic death of Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch in "Fantastic Four #587". Everyone wondered if Marvel would carry the series on or just finish it there. Marvel have decided to keep the series going, but start again with a fresh new beginning, suits and name.
In March 2011, the world will be introduced to the "FF: Future Foundation". They are no longer the "Fantastic Four", eventhough there are still four of them. The new costume is simlpy white and black, with a new logo, which is three hexagons, which might have been designed as a type of "Fantastic Three" logo and just looked good for the new suits. They will also be joined by New York City Web-Slinger and fellow superhero friend, Spider-Man. He still has the same logo. The Spider, only in black.
The series is starting again with "ISSUE #1", so I guess you could call it a reboot. So not only is the film series getting a reboot, so is the comic-book series. This could actually work.