Things To Go "Fast & Furious" For The "Terminator" Franchise?

on Thursday, February 17, 2011

As Universal are close to getting the deal to the "Terminator" franchise, they are already choosing who would be a great director for the fifth. The script for the fifth film and an outline for a possible sixth were done by some American writer, which I can't remember who it was.
Universal's top choice of director to take over is none other than "Fast & Furious 3,4&5" director, Justin Lin. If Lin accepts, he and his writer, Chris Morgan will take on the fifth film, which will work as another new reboot, but it's to be more of a direct sequel to "Terminator 3", rather than a full reboot. Chris Morgan will rewrite the script that the American writer wrote. As the previous script for the fifth film would actually be a direct sequel to "Salvation".............that aint happening now!
Arnold Schwarzenegger returning to the role of The Terminator. AWESOME! So I take it Christian Bale wont be returning then. At least bring back Sam Worthington please..........