"Piranha 3DD" Cast Members Revealed!

on Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Firstly, Ving Rhames has officially confirmed that he's returning for the sequel, as his character actually survived the end scene of the first film. No one knew if he did, as he wasn't shown at all after he took out most of the piranha's. 
He'll be joined by Aubrey O'Day, who has been cast as Paige. She's probably gonna be like Kelly Brook from the first film. She's just there as the hot babe for the film and then she'll be killed off near the end. I'm not complaining, because Kelly Brook got butt-naked in the first film, so hopefully Aubrey will do something like that in the sequel.
Neil Hopkins has been cast as Damion. I'm assuming he may be the films lead male, but the lead male may possibly go to Mark "Puck From (GLEE)" Salling, if he accepts a role in the film. He's been asked about a role, but hasn't given back an answer yet. He'll have to soon as the sequel is due for release like in September this year.
Newcomer, Grant Antony, who has NEVER starred in anything before will have a role in the film. And Tamsin Egerton is in talks for a role in the film too.