Batman's Shit Getting Re-Designed For The Third Film?

on Sunday, March 6, 2011

So it looks like Batman may be gettting a new set of wheels in the next film in Nolan's franchise. The new vehicle may not be the Tumbler anymore. The new Batmobile is gonna be sleeker, but still powerfull. He may also be getting a brand-new suit.
The Batcave may also be getting a re-design, to make it look more like Michael Keaton's Batcave from his two films, but still look similar to the one we saw in2005's "Batman Begins". We're gonna see the massive Batcomputer built into the cave and we're also gonna see his BIG wardrobe for his Batsuits.
Obviously, there's no official word on all of this yet, but announcements should be coming soon.