Bradley Cooper Might Just Be The Flash After All?

on Friday, March 11, 2011

A few months back, I reported that "Hangover" star, Bradley Cooper was in the running for the role of The Flash. He announced that he wasn't in the running. But then again, he said the same thing about playing Face in "The A-Team". It could just be a secret. 
Now that the script is finished and in Warner Bros offices. The studio are planning to go ahead ASAP with the film adaption of the popular DC Comics speedy character.
Last year Cooper lost out to Ryan Reynolds for the role of the Green Lantern. I think Cooper would be a great superhero. And The Flash could be the perfect one for him. Cooper did say that he wants to try out the auditions for a super role again. This is what he said, "Well I auditioned for the The Green Lantern and didn’t get it so I’m reluctant to put on the cape again."