Bradley Cooper Says That An "A-Team" Sequel Probably Wont Happen!

on Thursday, March 10, 2011

A few weeks back, Liam Nieson said that he'd love to get back together with the lads and make "The A-Team II". Now fellow "A-Team" star, Bradley Cooper has said that a sequel probably wont happen. FUCK! Ok, the first film never brought in as much money in the box-office as expected, but lots of films dont bring in as much, but they all get sequels. Why shouldn't this film be the one that gets one. "The A-Team" could do better if it gets a "A-Team 2" and possible "A-Team 3", just to make a one-off trilogy at least.
I seriously know what's gonna happen a few years, fucking Hollywood WILL reboot the film and start all over again, like what they do with other films right now. They're remake and reboot mad right now. It's the Hollywood fashion for now..............