Daniel Day-Lewis For Lex & Viggo Mortensen For Zod?

on Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New rumors have circulated about who will be the villain or villains in Zach Snyder's upcoming "Superman: The Man Of Steel". First, the rumor was that Doomsday will be the films main villain. The second one was that Brainiac was set to be the villain. Then it was confirmed that Ursa was to be the female villain for the film, and that Lex Luthor wasn't gonna be in the film.
Now it's rumored that Viggo Mortensen will be playing General Zod in the film and that Daniel Day-Lewis is set to play either Lex Luthor or Zod's partner, Non. I see Day-Lewis playing Non more than Luthor. I think someone like Billy Zane should play Luthor, if Luthor is in the film. So could this be the BIG-screen return of Zod, Ursa and Non? Maybe.............