"BATMAN" Getting Rebooted After "The Dark Knight Rises"

on Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Now I fucking knew this would happen. I mean the fact that Nolan would stay with the "Batman" franchise, even if it is just as the franchise's producer. Warner Brothers have got one hell of a fucking brass neck on them. They're actually planning to reboot "Batman" after "The Dark Knight Rises". WHY? I don't think it should be a reboot. It should just be something like a new story, new.....I don't know, just something other than a reboot.
Usually a reboot means, "Fuck what previous stories were about! FORGET IT ALL AND JUST START AGAIN!". And I actually can't believe that Nolan is going ahead with it. Sure his new new produced "rebooted Batman" will probably fucking amazing, but just don't! Wait at least like 10 years or something before rebooting the franchise. Do another "Batman" film, but don't just reboot it.