Is Two-Face REALLY Coming Back For "The Dark Knight Rises"?

on Friday, March 11, 2011

While talking about his new film, "Battle: LA", Aaron Eckhart was asked the question that he keeps getting asked. That question is, "Is Two-Face gonna return for Batman 3?". This question is on every fans mind. He answered with a smile. This is what he said, "I could not possibly say.". If it was a "NO!", then all he had to say was simply "NO", but he didn't. It now makes you think that he COULD BE coming back..
There's been evidence that Eckhart has been in several interviews with "Batman" reboot franchise director, Christopher Nolan. Now they could be discussing a future project together or they COULD BE discussing the fact that Eckhart may very possibly be returning as Two-Face in Nolans final film in the his series, "The Dark Knight Rises".