Matt Smith IS NOT Leaving The TARDIS Anytime Soon!!!

on Sunday, March 20, 2011

Both Matt Smith (The 11th Doctor) and the BBC have confirmed that Smith WILL be back for "Doctor Who: Series 7" in 2012. They said that filming will begin later this year after "Series 6" and the "2011 Xmas Special" is complete, which should be just after the summer time.
Smith did announce a few months back that he was signed on till 2013, for the shows 50th Aniversary, but after loosing out at the NTA last month, rumors were circulating that Smith's Doctor was to leave at the end of this series, or even at the end of this years "Xmas Special".
This is what The Doctor had to say, “I’m going back this year, I guess I'll get another one out the way, see what everyone thinks of that. I love doing it, I don’t want to give it up anytime soon, put it that way.”  Thank god he's sticking around!
There is no word on wether Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) or Arthur Darvill (Rory) will be back for the next series, but I'm sure they will be.......especially Amy. Matt Smith depunked the rumors made earlier, saying that Amy Pond was set to die at the end of the new series, which begins next month.