Nolan To Make The New "Blade Runner" Sequel/Prequel?

on Monday, March 7, 2011

Now that Warner have secured the rights to "Blade Runner", it seems they wanna do another one, but it says in the legal documents that it can't be a remake or a reboot of the original film starring Harrison Ford. It says that the new film MUST be either a sequel or a prequel. The studio are more keen on doing a prequel, rather than continuing Ridley Scott's original. The studio want to build a franchise out of the 1982 sci-fi classic, but in prequel style.
They want "Batman" reboot master, Chris Nolan to direct the new film and possibly stay with the franchise and make it the same way with his "Batman" franchise. Ridley Scott was set to return for a sequel since the first film came out back in the early 80's, but things fell through. Ridley Scott did say a few years back that he wants to return to "Blade Runner", but now he's attached to "Prometheus", which at the time of wanting to do another "Blade Runner" a few years back, was gonna be a new "Alien" prequel franchise.
Now Scott is tied down with "Promethues" and Warner wanna go ahead now with a sequel/prequel. And it looks like they think that Nolan would be PREFECT for the job of bringing the runner back to life.........