Simon Pegg Confirms That "Mission Impossible 4" Is A Reboot!

on Thursday, March 10, 2011

Simon Pegg has confirmed that the new "Mission Impossible" is indeed a reboot. Well he said that it has aspects of a reboot. The only thing that doesn't make it a full reboot is himself, Cruise and Rhames are all back. Where as if it were FULL reboot, then they wouldn't be back.
Here's what he said, "It’s a rebirth for the series. In the same way with what they’ve done with Spider-Man. I feel like it’s a reinvigoration of this particular story. It was a series when it was on TV, so it’s a story that can have so many iterations. There are so many adventures to get into with this team of impossible mission fighters.
During the confirmation, Pegg also commented on the fact that Brad Bird has never done action films before and that he did, at first, have concerns about him. Here's what he said about that, "... what they’ve done is they’ve brought in a director who’s never done live action before but who’s had a 100 percent hit rate for his previous movies: Ratatouille, The Incredibles, and The Iron Giant are all just five star films. Brad has just brought that sensibility to this film... I think the real key to this picture is Brad Bird."