The Stifmeister, The Pie Fucker & Mr. Levenstein Are Back For The Official Fourth Slice Of Pie!

on Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's just been confirmed that the "official" fourth "American Pie" film is a go-go for sure! Jason Biggs (The Pie Fucker), Seann William Scott (The Stifmeister) and Eugene Levy (Mr Levenstein) have all signed on the dotted lines to appear in the upcoming sequel to the "original trilogy" that kick started the whole teen sex comedy franchise.
"American Reunion" is said to reunite the whole cast of the first three films. Tara Reid, Thomas Ian Nicolas, Chris Klein, Mena Survari and Jeniffer "Stifler's Mom" Coolidge are all in negotiations as we speak, to reprise their roles in the reunion film. But there's no word on wether Alyson Hannigan will return as Jim's (Jason Biggs) wife, Michelle. She may be recast as she is, right now, working on hit US comedy, "How I Met Your Mother". Eugene Levy is the ONLY cast member from the "original trilogy" to appear in all 7 films, including the direct-2-dvd spin-off films. This will be his 8 film in total.
And now for even more exciting news...................the film is starting production on May 24th of this year. But there's no news on when the film will be released. I assume it'll be sometime next year. I hope this sequel is amazing, as it's been like 8 years since 2003's "American Pie: The Wedding".