Tarantino To Direct A Spaghetti Western!

on Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"KILL BILL" director, Quentin Tarantino has confirmed that his next film will finally be a western and not just any western..............a Spaghetti Western! Ye-Ha!
Tarantino has announced that Christopher Waltz will star in the film. He has been rumored to have spoken to various others about roles, like Keith Carradine,  Treat Williams and Franco Nero who says, "The film will be called The Angel, the Bad and The Wise and is a tribute to Sergio Leone. It's a movie that contains humor, lots of action, but also a great plot." But other reports say Tarantino hasn't came u with a title for the western yet. He's also rumored to have spoken to 15 others actors about roles in it.
Production is said to start later this year, with filming taking place in both Italy and Spain.
This will mark the directors 8th film, with the already planned 9th film to be "KILL BILL: VOLUME III", which Taratino annouced will be released around 2014ish.