What If "TNG", Voyager & DS-9" All Got Rebooted!

on Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I came across a film & television news website that posted up saying that if "Star Trek: TNG, Voyager & DS-9" were all got rebooted, who would the studio cast for the roles. Quite an awesome line-up. This must be on every "trekkies" mind. The what if question! So finally someone has answered it.
I love the fact that Ralph Finnes has been cast as the new Picard, because that actually could very much work. Although if the studio (most likely Paramount) made a BIG-screen reboot of "Star Trek: The Next Generation", it would probably have someone younger...........MUCH YOUNGER! For example, Tom Hardy, like in "Star Trek: Nemisis. He was meant to be the younger cloned verison of Partick Stewart's Captain Picard.
Jake Gyllenhaal as William Riker would be really cool to see. He looks like him, only a bit thinner. And the pics of them both above are un-canny. I also think Gyllenhaal would also make a great young Captain Archer from "Star Trek: Enterprise". And Kate Winslet as Janeway would be so hot, it's un-REAL!
I love the fact that Nick Frost would be cast as Miles O'Brien. Simon Pegg as Scotty and Nick Frost as O'Brien. They would both have there parts in the "Star Trek" universe, well Pegg has his part anyways............so Frost can join'em!  And finally Idris Elba as Captain Sisko.........PERFECT CASTING!