"SCREAM 5" Not Happening?

on Monday, April 25, 2011

It's now been rumored that "SCREAM 5" will not be happening as "SCRE4M" didn't bring in enough money at the box-office. It only brought in around $18 million. To you and me, that's actually not that bad, but to the studio's at Hollywood......it aint that great. BAD TIMES!!!!
Fans and critics are saying that the film could have taken in more if the age certifiacte was upped to an "18", like the previous films. That means the film would have had a much bigger audience. Well at least the fourth film didn't end with a cliff-hanger of an ending. I went to see it and I really loved it. Didn't expect the killer to be who he/she was. WOW!!!! I'll probably do my review of it on my YouTube channel sometime this week or next.
For now the "SCREAM" franchise has been put on hold. It probably will return sometime, but either direct-2-DVD or even just Hollywood's favourite "reboot" style. FUCK!!!!