General Sam Lane & Metallo To Be Villains In "Superman: The Man Of Steel"?

on Monday, April 4, 2011 have revealed a rumor that suggests that General Sam Lane (Lois Lane's father) and his army creation, Metallo to become the villains in Zach Snyder's upcoming reboot, "Superman: The Man Of Steel". Metallo and Sam Lane did appear in "Smallville" (above), and for the record, I just started to watch the show from scratch and I think the show is amazingly brilliant!
Metallo was set to be JJ Abrams "Superman: Flyby" villain, when he was set to direct the franchise reboot back in the early 2000's, before Bryan Singer signed on. Here's some concept art.
If they two will appear in "Superman: The Man Of Steel", who will play them? Could Warner bring Brian Austin Green and Michael Ironside back for the film? I'm thinking Green is a "YES" and Ironside could be a "NO".