"Justice League" Is Filming Coming......Good & Bad Thing!

on Monday, April 4, 2011

Warner have announced that work on the cancelled "Justice League" film is now back on again. They plan to have the film released by 2013, which will be one year after Marvel Comics "The Avengers". They only thing that'll suck about this film is that none of the stand-alone DC films out now will build up to "Justice League", unlike "The Avengers" and the Marvel films out now.
Warner have also announced that they plan to recast everyone for the new film. This means that Ryan Reynolds wont be playing Green Lantern, Henry Cavill or Brandon Routh wont be playing Superman and Christian Bale wont be playing Batman. And this is why "The Avengers" will also be awesome, as everyone in the stand-alone films out now will all be returning for the 2012 film. Ryan Reynolds literally confirmed that his Green Lantern will deffo not be appearing in "Justice League". Now that's really sucky...........fucking DC!