"Two And A Half Men" Gets The Reboot Therapy!

on Sunday, May 1, 2011

So Charlie Sheen has begged and begged and Warner are just not saying "YES!" to him returning to CBS's favourite comedy, "Two And A Half Men". The shows creator, Chuck Lorre did say when Sheen was fired that he was gonna try and get him to fix himself and get him back, but both Warner and CBS don't like it.
Lorre has announced that himself, Warner and CBS plan to "reboot" the hit show and have it return with Jon Cryer and a new star to fill Charlie's boots. Woody Harrelson, Bob Saget, Cuba Gooding Jr and Jeremy Piven are all names of star that the studio's are looking at to replace Charlie Sheen. It's yet unknown if Angus T Jones will return or not, but I'm sure he will.

"WINNING!"...........Charlie Sheen is not!