Harris As Luthor Is A MASSIVE Hoax!!!

on Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Unknown actor, Adam Harris has come clean and revealed that the whole "him playing Lex Luthor in (Superman: The Man Of Steel)" is one BIG hoax. It's also been confirmed by Warner themselves. WHAT A DICK!!!!
This is what's been said about the Lex Luthor casting hoax: "OFFICIALLY 100% DEBUNKED: The actor who everyone thinks has been testing for LEX LUTHOR in MAN OF STEEL has just come clean. It's a HOAX!"
So who is going to play the evil Lex Luthor in Zach Snyder's "Superman: The Man Of Steel"? I'm sure it'll be announced sometime soon. Maybe Snyder and Warner don't want Luthor in the film. Maybe they're planning to keep him for "Superman: The Man Of Steel 2" aka "Superman: The Wrath Of Lex" (my own title).