"Green Lantern" Is Good & Bad!

on Sunday, June 26, 2011

Went and saw "Green Lantern" the other day. In a nut-shell, the film is good and bad. I didn't think it would have been amazing when I saw the trailers, but it did looks as though it would have it's moments.....and it did. It's no "X-Men: First Class", but it's deffo watchable.
Critics have slagged it big time, and it ain't that bad. It seems as though Warner don't give a shit about the critics. It's just been announced that they are going ahead with "Green Lantern II". It was announced, way back before the first film came out, that the script for number 2 had been wrote and was getting touched up a bit. Then after the reception of the first film, everyone thought that the sequel was in major trouble, but it seems as though it's fine then.
The film, at first, was extremely slow. It did pick up big time, but by that time it was nearly finished, which was really pish. Ryan Reynolds is the shit as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern.He was perfect for the role. The CGI suit is amazing. Had some daubts on the suit, but it was fucking amazing looking. The things he could do were cool, but some of the things were a bit stupid, but it was fun. Some of the CGI was a bit shity looking. I felt as though I was watching a kids CGI cartoon. Bit too much CGI for some things. But hey, what can you do.
Mark Strong was great as the Lantern leader, Sinestro. There's a scene at the end that sets him up for something big in the sequel. Sinestro hates Hal Jordan at first. Makes him believe that he's not good enough to become a Lantern, but he proves him wrong at the end, after fighting Paralax. Peter Sarsgaard was brilliant as Dr Hector Hammond, but his part in the film was pretty shite. He wasn't given enough on-screen time. His character became mega brilliant for about 20 minutes and then got (SPOILERS) killed off. Shite!!! And now onto Blake Lively as Carol Ferris. Her character was, with out a doubt, fucking pointless. She was just there to be the sex-on-legs character for the guys to love. She's hot, but shite. I don't know if it was because of the wrong casting. Not sure, but I didn't like the character.
The film's main villain, Paralax was cool looking. Great villain. The story basically circuled around him or it coming to earth and destroying anything and everything in it's way on the way there.
Here's hoping the sequel will be a lot better (storylines wise). I'd give it 6/10.

UPDATE: Warner have released a statement saying that a sequel has actually not been confirmed yet. It's still in discussion.