The New "X-Men" Is First Class!!!

on Monday, June 13, 2011

Just saw the new "X-Men" the other day and it's literally amazing, actually PERFECT, well apart from Matthew Vaughn trying to recreate the start of the original film. He recreated the Nazi scene, with young Magneto bending the gates. It was a really shitty recreation, but apart from that the film was perfect. It's starts off very much like the start of the 2009 "Star Trek" reboot does, with 5-10mins of the young Xavier and Magneto (X-Men: First Class) and the young Kirk and Spock (Star Trek).......brilliant!!!
I know I love a lot of films, but there are some films that I walk away from and think they are outstanding.......and this is deffo one of those films. Well better than the previous films. If Fox had never done an "X-Men" film before, this would be an EPIC start to a franchise.
Now, obviously I'm not going to talk a lot about the film, don't wanna give the plot away for those who haven't seen it yet. So much happens in this prequel/reboot film. It deffo sets up for a "First Class 2&3" and kinda sets things up for the original films, well kinda. There are some things that are in the first three films, but there are also brand-new things that make you think "Oh my God!". It kinda tells the fans to forget about "X-Men Origins: Wolverine", as wee see what happens to Xavier and how he gets into his wheelchair, where as Patrick Stewart is still walking and bald in the Wolverine prequel film. We've to kinda forget about some things in the first three films, but still keep them in mind.
Matthew Vaughn has done a great job on this film. I truely can't believe he walked away from "X-Men: The Last Stand". If he stayed on to direct it, it would have been EPIC! Once you watch this film, at the end you kinda want it to finish there and not ruin it with sequels. But so much is still to happen and it deffo sets up for a "part 2" story. It's that good that you want more and more. I really don't want Fox or Marvel to make an "X-Men 4&5", eventhough they have both been greenlighted. I think (now) they should just concentrate on the "First Class" films. I just wanna watch it again and again. I'll probably go and see it again either this week or next.
The cast all play their characters well, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are just outstanding as Xavier and Magneto. Fassbender has a quick "Bond" moment about 20mins into the film. Same as the moment that Daniel Craig had in "Layer Cake", which was also directed by Matthew Vaughn. And Craig became the new James Bond. I truely have a funny feeling that Fassbender may actually become the next James Bond after Craig. His name will deffo be considered anyway. Jennifer Lawrence is the perfect choice for the younger Mystique. Such a hottie in the film, even when she's blue. January Jones was the shit as Emma Frost. She literally does walk around in her underwear for like most of the film. At first when I saw Beast, I thought he looked fucking stupid, but then I really got into him. The effects for him are pretty good looking. I originally thought his make-up was all CGI, but you can see in the behind the scenes pics, the effects are all real.
The young team also make up the names for each of the heroes, even Xavier and Magneto. Xavier's right hand girl, Moira MacTaggert, who's played by Rose Byrne gives the X-Men their, well X-Men title. At first they're called the G-Men, as they all work for the Goverment. Kevin Bacon is so cool in the film. He plays Sebastian Shaw, who is basically the film's lead villain and creator of Magneto. Magneto does make a comment on Shaw being Frankenstien and Magneto being his monster. Quite a kick-ass reference.
The cameos are amazing. There are two ones that are obvious, but I wont tell you who they are. All I'm saying is that they are two of the best cameos in comic-book history. Deffo in the top 5 list. Number 1 being Robert Downey Jr's cameos as Tony Stark. There's also a few name drops too.
I really wanna see what Vaughn and Singer do next with the sequel/s. Singer has spoken out about sequel details. Vaughn has also commented on the fact that he's excited about doing the sequel. EXCITING!!!