Tom Hanks Says A Fourth "Toy Story" Is Happening!

on Monday, June 27, 2011

While in an interview with the BBC News, "Toy Story" star, Tom Hanks said that Pixar are making a "Toy Story 4" right now, as we speak. This is what Hanks said, "I think they are trying to do another one. The spirit afoot is to make a fourth,...Whatever is going on at Pixar headquarters is a mystery to me. I'll wait until they blow white smoke out of the chimney or whatever it is that says there's another Toy Story coming down the pipe."
Now, I was happy with the way Pixar ended the trilogy last year with the (again) universally acclaimed "Toy Story" film, "Toy Story 3". I really truthly don't want another full-length feature film. Just stick with the wee shorts that they are planning to do, for example, the "Toy Story: Hawiian Vacation".
Can Pixar really come up with another amazing story for a fourth film, or could it all go terribly wrong for them? We'll have to wait and see when the film comes out.