"Ghostbusters 3" Scheduled For 2013 Release?

on Monday, July 4, 2011

Sony look as though they may deffo be going ahead with the long-long-long-long awaited "Ghostbusters 3". It's been said that they released some statement saying that they are hoping that the film will be out around 2013.
They also look as though they may actually go ahead with or without Bill Murray, who is yet to read the draft of "Ghostbusters 3" that both Ivan Reitman and Dan Akroyd posted to him. It's rumored that they want to make a sequel/reboot to appeal to the "now" generation.
They want to try and keep the original cast members and have them train the new team. And then for the new teams sequel, assuming that would be "Ghostbusters 4", the old team would walk away and get on with their lives, assuming again that they would retire then.......