If I Was Completely Rebooting The "X-Men" Franchise I'd Cast......

on Monday, July 25, 2011

Joe Manganiello As Wolverine
Zoe Saldana As Storm
Karl Urban As Cyclops
Stephen Moyer As Charles Xavier
Olivia Wilde As Jean Grey
Viggo Mortensen As Magneto
John Cena As Colossus
Emma Stone As Rogue
Ryan Kwanten As Gambit
Garrett Hedlund As Bobby Drake/Iceman
Joshua Jackson As Sabertooth
Idris Elba As Bishop
Stephen Lang As Cable
Brandon Routh As Angel
Andy Serkis As Toad
Teresa Palmer As Emma Frost


Mary Elizabeth Winstead As Mystique

This is my cast that would be spread out for about three films, just like the original "X-Men" trilogy. I just wanted to put together the cast that I think would be good now, if Fox chose to totally reboot the franchise and start all over again.