The Missing Characters From "The Amazing Spider-Man"

on Monday, July 4, 2011

Below are the three, possibly four missing characters from "The Amazing Spider-Man" so far, unless they get announced later in the year or even before the films release next year.
Everyone has been cast in Marc Webb's "Spider-Man" reboot. Actually, I'm sure filming is soon to finish. And no one has heard a thing about the casting of Aunt May. We have Uncle Ben, just no May.
It was rumored months back that the studio wanted Sally Field, but I haven't heard anything after that. Has she secretly been cast or have the studio secretly cast someone else like Meryl Streep, etc. Maybe Aunt May isn't in the first part of the reboot franchise. Would be weird why she wouldn't be.
Also, where's the casting of Harry and Norman Osborn. We've seen some on-set pics of the Oscorp building. If Norman aint in it, then where the hell is Harry, Peter Parkers best friend. I know there's no Mary Jane, but the film really needs Harry.
And finally, what the hell is happening with J Jonah Jamieson? Where is he? Hopefully he'll pop up at the end of this one as a cameo, to set up for the reboot's sequel/sequels, like Norman Osborn maybe (set up for the sequel/sequels possibly). I know for a fact that the writers of the reboot franchise is planning to bring back Doc Ock, Green Goblin and Sandman from the original film series. They also have plans to possibly bring Rhino into the live-action film series.