OMFG! The Teaser Trailer For "The Amazing Spider-Man"

on Tuesday, July 19, 2011

WOW! I'm loving the leaked trailers that we've been getting lately. First we get "The Dark Knight Rises", then we get "The Avengers" and now we finally get "The Amazing Spider-Man". Looking at the teaser trailer, I'd have to say "amazing" is the right choice for the title. It's so great looking. The trailer was filmed poorly, but you can work out what's happening on-screen.
This new reboot does look a lot more darker and more serious than Sam Raimi's original trilogy. I love the whole point-of-view "POV" sequence at the end of the teaser. I think that's brilliant. I do wonder why the hell Raimi never did that in any of his "Spidey" films.
Here's the link to the leaked trailer on YouTube, which may end up being taken off by either Sony or Marvel, seeing as it's not really official yet........well not until Comic-Con later this week!