Ryan Dunn: The Death Of A Jackass!

on Sunday, July 3, 2011

While watching a tribute video to "Jackass" star, Ryan Dunn, I remembered that I haven't mentioned his death on my blog. So here it is. Ryan Dunn from "Jackass" died on June 20th, which was over 2 weeks ago. He was killed in a car crash along with "Jackass: Number Two" production assistant, Zachary Hartwell. Dunn's car blunged into a tree. It's been said that both Dunn and Hartwell were way over the drinkinn limit.
It's sad that he's gone. Never thought a "Jackass" star would be killed, not doing a stunt on camera. They all thought one of them would die like that. 
The "Jackass" guys have made up a tribute video for their fellow "Jackass" star and best friend. It's such a great video. I loved watching it. It's only over 5 minutes long. Most of the footage is from recent stuff. Here's the link to the video on Movieweb.com, http://www.movieweb.com/movie/jackass-3-5/a-tribute-to-ryan-dunn-1977-2011