"Machete" Sequels Are Coming!!!

on Thursday, July 21, 2011

While talking about "Sin City 2", Robert Rodriguez also confirmed that two sequels to "Machete" are still deffo coming to cinemas soon enough. The first being "Machete Kills" (number 2) and the next one being "Machete Kills Again......In Space!" (number 3). The original title for the third film was just plain old, "Machete Kills Again".
Rodriguez confirmed that the third film will really be set in space with lightsaber type battles and space babes. I'm assuming that he'll probably make the second film after he's complete "Sin City 2".
He also said that "Machete 3" will be in trailer form, which will be added onto "Machete 2". He wants to see if the second film does well first, before he dives into the third one.........makes sense really.