"DW: Series Seven" Update From Steven Moffat!

on Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Steven Moffat gave fans a brief update on next years series of "Doctor Who". I mentioned the fact that all episodes will be shown next year, all 14 episodes worth. He told to forget about the rumors that have been spread about the series being split and only a few being shown next year and the rest being shown in 2012, which is the shows 50th anniversary.
He did say that the scheduling of the whole series will be different, but he didn't say when the series will be on air. He did say the BBC may split the series like this year season, but in the way the rumors are saying.
Moffat also mentioned that the shows 50th anniversary will be amazing. The have BIG plans for 2012. He also has BIG plans for River Song too........EXCITING!!!!!