"Doctor Who" @ Comic Con 2011!

on Monday, July 25, 2011

"Doctor Who" has finally arrived at this years EPIC Comic Con! First, I must say that I'm loving The Doctor's new coat. And the trailer is awesome!
The news for the next half of "Series 6" just keeps on flying in, as well as some news on "Series 7". Above is the official wallpaper for "Series 6: Part 2", along with it's first teaser trailer:
The 2nd part of "Series 6" is returning next month in America, so we should be getting it around the same time, most likely before them.
Amazing news, Karen Gillan has confirmed that she WILL be back for the full of "Series 7" next year, but there's still no word on Arthur Davil's Rory. He did say that he was moving onto something else at the end of this year and this could be a hint that he's packing it in. Gillan was rumored to be deffo leaving at the end of the series, but it seems she aint! http://youtu.be/tK13Ytpk47k
And below are links to the "Doctor Who" panel @ Comic Con:
http://youtu.be/FNbJQNb1NUw (The Doctor's Daughter Returning???)
http://youtu.be/NdwyoSDjtGc (Flying The TARDIS)
http://youtu.be/BEt4amKuMm4 (The Doctor's Dark Side)
And here's one from the "Torchwood" panel on John Barrowman returning to "Doctor Who": http://youtu.be/6QeSIrejmzg