"TRON 3" Confirmed For 2013 Release Date!

on Monday, August 29, 2011

While at Disney D23 expo, "TRON" star, Bruce Boxleitner was questioned about his return to the grid by a fan and he replied by saying that it's already a "done deal". That must mean that Disney are deffo planning a third outing in the on-going sci-fi Disney franchise.
He said that it should be out by 2013, but he didn't say who will be returning from the previous two films or even what this new film will be about. He just said that it's happening and that he's in it.
I just watched the second film, "TRON: Legacy" for the first time the other day on Sky Movies. It's alright, it's not great, but it's not bad either. It does indeed have it's awesome moments. But the only thing I hated was the guy who played Kevin Flynn's son, Sam, Garret Hedlund. The character was great, just fucking hated the actor. I hope the re-cast him or just not have him in the next film.