"Conan The Barbarian" Sequel Is Planned & Script Was Wrote By Conan Himself!

on Monday, August 8, 2011

New Conan, Jason Momoa has said that a sequel to the new "Conan The Barbarian" 3D reboot has been planned and that he has penned a script for it. Conan himself has wrote the script for the sequel. Now that's not bad for an action star to write his own film's script and star in it.
This is what Momoa said about being in the sequel, “I am [signed up for a sequel] as along as people go out and watch [the first film]” and this is what he said about his script for it, “I wrote it … so we’re waiting to see if they’ll accept it”. He went on to say that the story for number 2 will be original and feature more creatures, “It's character-adapted, because I really want to get into more of the mythical creatures, you know?”
I haven't yet seen the new "Conan" film, as it's not yet out in the UK, but it does look fucking bad-ass. The fact that a sequel has been planned, must mean that it's doing okay with early critical reviews.