Is Marvel Resurrecting Johnny Storm Or Just Making New "Fantastic Four" Comics?

on Monday, August 8, 2011

This teaser poster was revealed online earlier today. It shows us the well known logo for the Fantastic Four. The only thing is that they aint the Fantastic Four anymore, they're now the Future Foundation (FF still), with Spider-Man as the fourth member. They got the new name after the death of fellow "4" member, Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch a few months back in the comics.
So could Marvel be thinking of resurrecting Storm and reuniting him with his family. This means that Spidey could be getting told to "fuck off back to web-swinging between buildings in his own wee world!" or could they all just become a team of 5........."Fantastic Five" anyone? We don't just get 4 anymore, we get the power of 5. What an orgy of superhero buisness!
Maybe Marvel are planning to keep the "Future Foundation" as they are and reboot the "4" and make a brand-new seperate comic book series. Spidey has loads of different comic book stories. So does Superman and Batman. Just do it with the "4" too. It could work.
The new "4" comic book comes out in comic stores sometime in November 2011.