Juno Temple Playing Harley Quinn?

on Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rumor has it that British actress, Juno Temple might actually be playing The Joker's girl, Harley Quinn in the upcoming final "Batman" film next year. She was originally cast as some sort of a street wise girl in the movie, but sources are saying something else about her role.
One insider said, "100% RUMOR, no confirmation: Overheard at lunch in Beverly Hills - JUNO TEMPLE may be playing HARLEY QUINN in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES!"
So could this be true? Is Temple playing Harley Quinn in "The Dark Knight Rises"? It does say that it is a rumor, but quite a lot of rumors turn out to be kind of true in some sort or another. Maybe Quinn just wants revenge on Batman, after putting her man (The Joker) behind bars in the last film, "The Dark Knight.