"Green Lantern 2" To Be Better Than First Film!

on Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Warner Bros President, Jeffrey Robinov has gave fans an update on what the sequel to this years (not so great) BIG-screen adaption of "Green Lantern". He has said that the sequel will be much darker, have more action packed and will be edgier than the first film.
Eventhough the film was considered a box-office flop, Robinov says that it's opening weekend was pretty "decent". He also said that the problem with the film was the director, Martin Campbell. He aint returning for the sequel, eventhough he was contracted to do so.
Robinov commented on the (already penned script) for the sequel, which was written by Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim, who also wrote the first films script. He said that their new script will be totally re-wrote and done again......basically Warner plan to totally reboot the script and start again, but cutting out the whole origin story. Just dive into action, with Ryan Reynolds hopefully returing. He was great. There was nothing wrong with him.