Script For "RAMBO 5" Has Been Completed, But Will Sly Return?

on Monday, August 22, 2011

After the success of 2008's "RAMBO", Sly Stallone announced that work had began on a script for a fifth John Rambo film. But After he got involved with his "Expendables" films, he stepped back and cancelled the project. Last year, Millennium Films released poster and handouts for a fifth film at Cannes Film Festival. They were calling it, "RAMBO V: The Savage Hunt", which was the proposed title that Sly was going with before cancelling on it.
Again, last year Sly said that he had nothing to do with the posters of handouts, but that he heard that the studio were later going to reboot the franchise and go with an origins story with John Rambo back in Vietnam. That would have meant that they would be going with a younger actor.
Now, script writer, Sean Hood has revealed that he's just handed in his finished script for a possible fifth "RAMBO" film under the working title of, "RAMBO: Last Stand". He said that it's based on Stallone's un-finished script, which was only 20 pages long. He described the script to be, “It’s more in line with the small-town thriller of First Blood,”. He now just hopes that Sly Stallone will reconsider and return to the franchise after he's done with "The Expendables 2" next year.