The Doctors Time Is Coming To An End.......Again!

on Sunday, September 25, 2011

The 11th Doctors time is coming to a close, as next week will see the "death" of the Matt Smiths Doctor in Utah. Even though Matt Smith is coming back for this years Xmas Special and next years "Series 7", you can't not think that something major is going to happen to The Doctor anyway. Whats going to happen to him? After watching last nights episode, "Closing Time", especially the last 5 minutes of it, it makes you think,
And the teaser for next episode was amazing, really hope James Corden comes back next year. Really think that his character could come back every season, while Smith is still The Doctor. Looking at next weeks episode, you can see that the shit is gonna go down in the finale. Hopefully all questions for the whole season will be answered and hopefully will not be dragged too much through to next years season.
Love how some things popped up at the end of last nights episode that appeared in episode one of this season. We saw The Doctor borrowing envolopes that are eventually going to be sent to his companions and River Song. We also saw him getting a Stetson, which was given to him by James Cordens character, Craig.
I think that the season finale will be quite emotional for The Doctor and for the fans too. I'll deffo cry if something bad happens to the TARDIS team. Hope we see River Song getting ready to go back to visit David Tennants 10th Doctor, which should be happening sometime soon, seeing as though she's now a Doctor.........SPOILERS!!!!