Justin Lin Not Directing "Terminator 5" Anymore!

on Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's been announced that "Fast & Furious" franchise helmer, Justin Lin has sadly had to leave the "Terminator" franchise, before he even got to make one film.
He's been reportedly in discussions with Arnie and rights owner, Megan Ellison over the films plot and what he'd do to the franchise, to bring it back to life and how to forget the previous two (slighly cocked up) installments. Lin was set to put the first of the two films into production sometime in 2012, but he's now not able to do so until he finished his shitty 6th and hopefully final "Fast & Furious" film first.
The door has been left open for Lin to return as director, but for now, no movement will be made on the franchise.